Details on factions within the world of Elythra.

Factions in the Western Kingdoms

Western Alliance – Alliance of Western Humans, High Elves, Mountain Dwarves, and Lightfoot Halflings. Allied with Forest Gnomes and most Wood Elves.

Order of the Light – Paladins and clerics of the Western Alliance who have sworn an oath to the Holy Light.

Westland Syndicate – Thieves' Guild that operates predominately within the kingdoms of the Western Alliance.

Western Humans

Kingdom of Westland – Kingdom of the Western Humans.

Westland Royal Guard

High Elves

Kingdom of Elastrila – Kingdom of the High Elves.

Mountain Dwarves

Kingdom of Thorimar – Kingdom of the Mountain Dwarves.

Dwarven Clans – Clan Murphy, Clan Guinness, Clan O'Hara, Clan Smithwick, and Clan Kilkenny.


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