House Lotharan


House Lotharan is an old noble house, proud of its heritage and longevity.


When the first humans migrated west, a small clan, the Arani, pushed ahead of the rest of the group. The descendants of this clan believe they were the first to see the western ocean shore. The leader of this clan, known as Loth, led her people across the grasslands and to the sea. In the Arani clan, both men and women hunted, allowing the clan to survive against the green Orcs who raided their camps.


When the Arani reached the shore, they built their first settlement on a cliff overlooking the ocean. For thousands of years, the clan defended their lands against Orcish raids, which occurred less and less frequently over time.

The Arani clan grew and spread along the shore. Through luck's fortune, many curious species of oysters inhabited their shores, each producing a different variety of pearl. The Arani accumulated wealth through trade with other clans.

Eventually, to the East, the leader of the Quindr clan declared himself King. Thenel de Quindre united the surrounding clans to declare war on a particularly irritating kingdom of green Orcs. The Arani depended on the Quindri for their agricultural supplies and therefore, agreed to fight for Thenel.

See: [[Quindri Orcish War]]

After their victory against the Orcs, King Thenel formalized the alliance, introducing feudalism to the Surani grasslands. The King established his noble line, House Dequindre, and awarded lordships to his new vassals in the new [[Theneli Kingdom]]. He built a great tower in the open fields of Syrin.

After centuries of a peaceful and beneficial alliance, House Lotharan perceived inequity in their relationship with House Dequindre. Lord Temwick of Lotharan declared independence from Theneli. After many battle and the death of Lord Temwick, his eldest daughter, Reythe of Lotharan, led the final charge against the Theneli and successfully negotiated their independence.






Queen Reythe I



[[House Lotharan of the Northern Shore]] – Descended from Lord Temwick's younger brother / Queen Reythe's uncle, Lord Roewin of Lotharan.




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House Lotharan

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